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Spending many years in many spas Chable has redefined my outlook on wellness. Part of what gives Chablé Spa & Resort its unique essence is duality; that eternal dance between two opposing forces which strengthen each other. Shamanism combined with luxury, ancient healing techniques with modern science: these combinations come together to provide extraordinary and unique wellness results. At Chablé Spa, the only time that exists is here and now. The circle of life is based on time cycles; therefore, the message of wellbeing here at Chablé is timeless.

Wellness Exploration

Our spa offers a unique passage into the customized wellness exploration that our guests embark upon from the moment they arrive. Traditional Mayan culture is blended in new ways to serve as a guide for contemporary experiences. Modern science, Mayan wisdom, a subtle cosmic influence and the abundance of Mother Nature, all come together to create an authentic wellness experience at Chablé, which brings our guests to a new level of inspired well being.

Flow, Balance & Inspire

A personal consultation allows us to suggest the treatments of one of our three Chablé spa journeys, each of which has a different energy and aesthetic outcome depending on the feelings and life stage of each of our guests. Flow, balance and inspire are the themes of these journeys which were born from our rich heritage and focused on transformation.

Treatments Here & Now

Our curated selection of spa treatments are entwined with traditional ritual elements and advanced therapeutic modalities, which immediately take our guests into a world of ancestral mysticism a ceremony for the soul and indulgence for the senses. Each treatment begins with a beautiful Mayan inauguration ceremony which recognizes the four points of the compass and acts as a portal into experiencing the here and now.

Complete Wellness Destination

I have seen how the wellness tourist is starting to shift beyond properties to destinations like ours, where more authentic, complete wellness can be experienced. A place surrounded by nature with access to healthy organic food and happy people from the community working for the destination retreat, contributing with their wisdom and traditions. The future of this type of business is a giving-back and community-building model.

In a world that is becoming more mental and stressful, with more digital and media overload, we foresee there is much growth potential for helping people achieve less anxiety and happiness. Wellness for the mind will be one of the most profitable business opportunities in the near future as it once was medical tourism.