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Chable honors many Mayan traditions and incorporates ancient day to day activities transforming them into a ritual of discovery for guests visiting our Resort in Yucatan.

Raised Vegetable Garden

Mayan families for centuries have planted ka’anche’s, beautiful elevated vegetable gardens. Wooden structures, very similar to a table, are used to plant different herbs and vegetables, away from the ground, thus protecting the plants from animals and insects.

Juice Spa

Every morning, a ceremony is performed at our ka’anche’s. The soft music of a flute salutes the morning, and a juice, made from herbs and vegetables from our gardens, is offered to Mother Earth, thanking her generosity and the day’s harvest. Guests and staff drink juice, with a grateful and healthy intention, and then, the day’s bounty is harvested.

Organic Restaurant

Our gardeners pick from all the ka’anche’s fresh and organic ingredients, that will be used for preparing the day’s meals at all our restaurants. From a fresh pumpkin that will be stuffed and presented as a main course in our Mayan kitchen, to the beetroot that will be roasted to accompany a delicious chicken in our Ixi’im restaurant, or a fresh verbena to scent a healthy dessert in our Spa Restaurant.

Flower Garnish

We also pick gorgeous sprouts and flowers that will garnish our dishes. A very important part of our cuisine is based on harvesting the menu’s ingredients. We grow the flower that decorates and the herbs that flavor, the infusions that put an end to a delicious and nutritious meal.

Aromatic Herbs

Our gardens grow pumpkin, watermelon, chaya leaves, habanero chili, mint, verbena, beetroot, quintonil leaves, oregano, thyme, parsley and green onions, among many other delicacies. We bring to our dishes the great variety in aromatic herbs we grow and serve them fresh at Ixi’im, where a selection of infusions can be found, each with its unique beneficial or flavour properties.

Food Experience

Chable aims to facilitate an authentic experience, with direct contact with the full production cycle of our organic, pick of the day and sustainable products. Our guests can experience the full process: harvesting, cooking and enjoying a memorable meal they contributed to create.